Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Anyone Can Cook"- Ratatouille...WRONG!

Not everyone can cook, and I am a testament to that. Every year our neighborhood makes treats for every family and then goes around delivering goodies. Its fun to see everyone out visiting in puffy jackets and pink noses...its mainly fun just to see everyone. So I attempted snickerdoodles this year. After making them Adam came in the kitchen took a huge bite and 5 seconds later totally spit it out...okay so no treats for the nieghbors from me... I got the hint. However while trying to figure out what I could give we offered the snickerdoodles to our boy scouts! We were cracking up watching faces full of joy turn to disgust and four little boys run to the trash can. At the trash can they noticed another plate full of cookies and asked," are these the real ones?" I thought I should say yes and laugh once more as the joy turned to disgust, but I saved them from the nasty cookies and said no they are the same.
So what could I give?? I got it... A framed photo of the temple...and here it is. It's not yummy treats but it'll have to do.


Beth said...

Brianne, I'm sure your gifts were WONDERFULLY received! I love how you use your talents to bless others. I would be thrilled to receive something like that instead of baked goods that I'd feel guilty eating. ;-) Love the photo and the accompanying quote.

MeeMa said...

This is a totally awesome picture of your bit of heaven on Earth. How do I order one of these photos for me???
Love you guys. MeeMa