Sunday, January 20, 2008

You make South Africa Great!

For those of you who don't know, my brother Cameron is serving a mission for the church in Johannesburg South Africa. He has been there for 14 months and comes home in October. He has been in our prayers these past 14 months.

Last week there was a situation where Cam's life was threatened. I have had some time to think about what happened, and we are blessed that Cam is okay and has decided to remain in Africa and finish out his mission.

With all that happened to Cam last week I am so grateful for the gospel and the knowledge that Our Father in Heaven is watching over each one of us. There was a point that Cam said he had to outrun someone trying to kill him, and he asked the question, how did I outrun this person, he was so much faster than me? I am sure the Lord gave him the ability so that he would be safe.

Cam also posed the question...why me? Why was I in that situation when I'm doing what I'm supposed to? Well I posed the question... why not you? Maybe the Lord knew you were the only one who could outrun him, or the only one who could overcome the stress and trauma, or this experience will give you strength to overcome anything that gets placed in your path for the rest of your life.

You're special Cam, and we can't wait to have you back to bless our lives!
Visit Cam's site!


Plonnie said...

that is so sweet brianne. you are a great sister. i'm so glad to hear that cam is okay and will get to come home in october. what a brave and righteous young man he must be.

Jenn said...

that's so great Brianne... I'm sure you are all so proud of Cam. How long has he been out (I only ask cause you said he'd been out 26 months, and still has 10 left)? Is he serving a 3 year mission?

MeeMa said...

Thank you for that blogspot on my Cam. Oh my gosh Brianne, look at Cam, he kinda looks like Adam in that picture! Aren't we so blessed to have him in our family??? Love you.

Rachel said...

whoa! scary!! glad to hear he's okay. I am sure he was protected.

Anonymous said...

Missions are rough. I hope and pray CJ will, like you said, use this experience as strength for later in life. Tom had a very trying mission and it was all quite awful. He realizes, though, that it has made him a stronger, better, more faithful person.