Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My hard drive is a-okay!

After all of our coputer problems last fall, we finally got our computer fixed...the computer guys would diagnose it wrong and we would go buy new parts... after 4-5 wrong diagnostics we had enough brand new spare parts to build a whole new super computer, so Adam did... then while the hard drive was in the process of being switched I totally dropped it...OUCH!!!! So after puttin git into the new computer, the computer was having the same problems as the old one...it would shut itself off after about 30 seconds. Took it to a different computer M.D. and they said it was the motherboard...bought a new one...same thing...took it back and dlow and behold they figured out the problem...the gel in between the fan and the motherboard was old and needed to be scraped off and replaced. So now the computer works...so we put the damaged hard drive to the test with my entire married life of pictures on it, and YAY!!!!!!!! I have my memories back...and will be backing them up onto hard discs asap!

(Baylee 9 months old Seal Beach, CA -November '05)

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