Monday, April 14, 2008

Day 5 in Arizona...March 15, 2008

My dad and Denise arrived in Arizona Friday afternoon the 14th and we had a HUGE dinner at the golden corral and then hung out with Gramma and Bill at their condo in Mesa. They were their for spring training. The next day we headed to the zoo. It was a great zoo. It took us hours to see everything. Unlike our zoo here in Idaho Falls takes about and hour.


The Howe's said...

So much fun!! Your pages are so cute. Where did you get your paper? I almost hate you for how good you are at everything. (but I don't)

Shayla and CJ Mabey said...

I have lived here for almost 3 years and I havent done the things you have in your visit here! That makes me so sad about IF's "zoo"... we're moving up there this summer and that was one of my hubby's selling points. What is there to do up there with my boys? Cute pages!