Monday, May 26, 2008

Day 6 - Daytona!!!!

Our last day in Florida we headed over to Daytona to check out the speedway... Adam and I both agreed that this one probably the COOLEST day of the week. We decided to go ahead and take the VIP tour ... and boy was it cool. They drove us all over the raceway area. Here is Adam in the $5,000 seats reserved for the 500 club, notice there are only two rows, shaded, and right over the pit and the start/finish line. Plus their entire day is catered. We also headed to the other side of the start/finish line and way up in the huge suites above the bleachers. I can guarantee you we will never see a race from there, those suites are $100,000 a year. What was cool the raceway will take you for a ride in a Nascar at 160 mph for $135, so people were getting rides while we were there so we got to hear and see what a race would be like from a suite.After 2 hours of touring the speedway we were treated to lunch just next to the pit, and then we got to walk onto pit row and check out some of the cars. Wow... I just had to take a pic of the sticker lights "Kachow!"After the entire tour we got to race simulators and I'll have to post our results later. But if you ever go to Florida, check out the speedway...then we headed to the beach.


Perry's said...

It looks like you guys had a blast there!! This is shad perry's wife. Hope you don't mind the comment. Love your site!!

The Perkes Family said...

You guys are having way to much fun! WoW Jake and I have always wanted to do a FL trip. You have just made me want to do it sooner then later! So FUN! Post more pics.


erin said...

im so glad you two were able to get away and enjoy life. Disneyworld looks like a ton of fun. Its on my 'would like to go' list. Im totally jealous of that trip. It looks and sounds so fun. You guys are so cute together!


Brianne- You are so lucky and brave to get away. Jason and I are too scared to leave all 4 kids and I think a sitter would be scared too. Who watched your kids? Did you miss them like crazy?
Disney World looks like a great place to go. good choice.