Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day 2 = NO LINES!!!

So today we woke up early and went to Walt Disney's Animal Kingdom. We realized before getting here that Magic Kingdom is exactly like Disneyland, and MGM is exactly like California Adventure so we only got tickets for Epcot and Animal Kingdom...AMAZING. At animal kingdom there are so many animals and I was amazed at the Safari, the animals just wandered around and we drove a big safari truck through the "Savannah" area. Wow!!!

We saw the new Nemo musical...Ho;y Cow! I can't even describe, and the Lion King show was a shortened version of the Broadway Lion King. The new Everest ride is pretty cool, but nothing beats Top Gun at Great America. And we even took pics with Stitch and Mickey Mouse. And the parades are always breathtaking. The lines were so short and we noticed they were only running at 1/2 the rate as usual, we pretty much waited an average of 10 minutes per ride, and so we did everything (shows and rides) by 5:15 pm. We loved it!

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Anonymous said...

Amazing!! the colors are so vibrant in Nemo. It's looks like a little africa! You'll have a blast showing these pictures to the kids. Have fun! Love, Mom