Friday, July 11, 2008

Well it seems that we have a new tradition...

I left for girl's camp at 7:30 am Tuesday morning, and Adam's mom and brother were here to watch the kids while I was gone. They got Baylee to gymnastics (at 9am)and all went well til after when they were at the cubbies putting shoes on (10am), I guess a large (12 or so yr old)boy tripped and slammed his head on a cubby, Asher's hand happened to be between the kid's head and the cubby.

Asher's hand swelled up but after an initial cry he seemed fine, even at the park. Can you see how swollen it was?

They finally decided to take him to the ER where they find out he has a large fracture/broken bone between the forefinger and thumb. They put him in a soft cast til the swelling went down.

My first counselor, Emily, came up to camp Wednesday morning and gave me the news but I decided to stay for the remainder of camp since he wouldn't be seeing the doctor again til Friday anyway, and she assured me he was as active as ever even with the cast. Here he is on Friday getting the soft cast off and seeing if he needs a larger hard one.

Guess the doctor decided he was healing fast enough that he didn't need a hard cast...I ws relieved a little since its summer and water is everywhere and I hated dealing with Baylee's cast two years ago, BUT I would feel so much better knowing ot was protected considering what a wild child I have. He's still jumping on the trampoline, off the couch, running full throttle, and all his other daily activities.

I just had to add this pic, I think it's really funny. What a little fart. And he's such a fart that if you tell him "No picking your nose," he just calmly places his finger on top of his nose until you are no longer paying attention.


The Howe's said...

Sorry about Asher's hand. That stinks. Sounds like he has a high tolerance for pain. You have funny kids. I love looking at all your pictures.

Rachel said...

OUCH! poor guy. I am not looking forward to all the broken bones that come with having kids. glad to hear he didnt need the hard cast, those are sick!