Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Indiana Jones visited Idaho...

On Halloween Gampa flew in from California...we watched the plane fly in as we walked to the terminal, and then we sat in the waiting room looking for Gampa. As soon as the kids saw him coming down the escalator they ran to see was so cute. Gampa came dressed as Indiana Jones and we were off trick or treating.

We trick or treated at Rexburg Motor Sports, our ward trunk or treat, and one of the local convelescent hospitals. The kids had a blast, then they got to eat candy and hang out with Gampa while mommy and daddy went to the temple to do baptisms with the youth.

Gampa helped Adam paint our Honda and then he was gone as quickly as he came. We miss you already, Gampa, thanks for the visit and the help.

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Plonnie said...

awwh!! so cute! your dad really could be indiana jones! love the pictures. so fun. what great memories for your kids!!