Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Catch Up...

First off, we switched to LED lights this year. The box says they are brighter than regular lights...BULL! Oh well already bought and on the house, and they really aren't that different. Hopefully they will save electricity or whatever they are supposed to help with. Not a huge fan, but I'm too fat right now to make any changes or think straight.

Our tree however turned out beautiful. Our first tree ornaments consisted of only blue and silver, then last year we went all patriotic and added red, but after Christmas last year we splurged on some beautiful glass bulbs ALL different colors! I LOVE IT!

We also added a little train action this year with the help of Thomas and James(Asher's trains)!
And the bottom of our tree looked a little like this til I couldn't take it anymore which was about 15 minutes. We also have a little tree for the kids to do what they may. Cuz NO ONE touches Mommy's tree.

Tonight we made gingerbread houses and the kids had a BLAST! Baylee and Daddy got pretty creative with theirs. Upside down lollypop tree? What the?

Don't they look so proud?


Sarah: Der Wenigste Blog der Welt said...

What a pretty tree! I love your kids gingerbread houses. That's a fun tradition to do the with the kids. I bet they love it!

Steve and Janis said...

Way cute! The tree looks gorgeous and the kids look happy! Looks like your house is full swing into Christmas. I saw a house with what I thought were the lights you guys got but then didn't think so because they weren't that bright ... now I guess they are the ones you have. Hmmm ... they might need to improve them a little. Love, Mom/Janis/Grandma

Rachel said...

cute. Looks like they were doing a little snacking while building. So, I know you'll have a little baby but what are your plans for 10 year reunion? I have already been seeing stuff about AHS 10 year on facebook. are you coming out for DVHS??


Oh my! You are so good. When I am prego I pretty much do NOTHING. Your tree looks great. Kylie would love that unicorn shirt Bailey is wearing. Your kids are so cute cute CUTE!!!