Monday, December 22, 2008

Holy Snow!

It pretty much has been non stop snowing for a couple of days now, or atleast when you look out the window it looks like it's snowing because the wind is shifting it into the air past our windows. It always seems to collect on our driveway for some reason, oh well Adam's problem.... No really, Adam has had a TON of shoveling to do lately, not to mention he's been doing it with a bad sore throat! I will have to post a pic once I get outside to take one, I try to avoid the outdoors these days. I had a dream last night I slipped on the ice and slid down the hill like frosty. Oh and Baylee has noticed that getting up is difficult for me and rushes to ask if she can pull me up, I guess it's fun to help pull mommy off the couch or out of bed. She also told me this morning, "Mommy, your tummy is really really big." I just smiled and thanked her, but inside I was grumbling about the second "really." Oh well, four more weeks, we can do it. I'll go take a pic asap!

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Milas Howe said...

We had some friends from Vegas who went up there last week to go to a wedding and said that it was ridiculous up there.