Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I thought time flies when you are having fun?

In October I started my check off list with all the things that would make time as a huge pregnant lady fly by. Starting with Halloween, then our trip to Cali for Cam's homecoming, the holidays and my birthday...we are two days from Adam's birthday, and these fun filled activities have just been CRAWLING as opposed to FLYING! So after Friday I will officially be WAITING around for a baby... Although I think after Friday I will be busy with a different to do list...I just remembered yesterday that expecting mothers pack hospital bags, make attempts to get a nursery ready, wash all baby clothes, etc. Maybe I have been so busy with the big activities I have neglected the small stuff! January 22nd here we come.


neece said...

your baby is due on my birthday! its a good day!

erin said...

i check in just to see if that baby has come early. I'll keep checking and you can keep waiting. how fun for you guys.