Monday, March 30, 2009

A lock on the closet door...

For those of you who know Baylee, know that she LOVES dresses! For the last few months Baylee would go into her room about every 15-20 minutes and come out with an entirely different dress on and dance around the living room asking me to take a picture of her in THAT dress/outfit claiming that I don't yet have a photo of her in THAT particular dress/outfit and we NEED one! By the end of the day there was a huge pile of dresses/clothes I needed to hang back up in the closet, hence the title of this post! Although Baylee looks beautiful in all her dresses and as much as I love to see that she enjoys the clothes that I buy for her, I have resorted to putting a child lock on the closet door... sorry Baylee Boo! And don't you worry I have plenty of photos of Baylee in practically ALL her dresses and in every little quirky pose she throws at the camera!

The above paragraph is the reason I am entering Baylee in the Picture Princess contest for Shabby Apple little girls dresses...I think Baylee would look adorable in the hibiscus dress featured at "little girls and girls dresses" from shabby baby.

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Steve and Janis said...

Of course I think Baylee is GORGEOUS!!! I love these three pics of her. Hopefully the panel will feel the same way.