Sunday, May 31, 2009

Baskets, Blankies & Baby Ducks

This basket has been on my mom's porch for forever, and not really used I might add so I asked if I could take it while I was visiting, and here is my use for it... super cute!

Our ducks get bigger and bigger everyday. They have ther own pool that we fill everyday so they can swim around...they live in a huge box in the garage and when I take one from the garage to the pool the other two is so fun, we will be sad when we have to let them go...

I know I have mentioned this before, but Laney does this so often that its sort of a trademark when she sleeps. I think its so funny although I make sure to check to see if she is still breathing ALL the time!

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Anonymous said...

WOW! If i knew how cute that basket would be with a baby inside of it, I'd have put a baby inside it along time ago!! She looks adorable in it!! Glad you're getting good use out of it.
Love, Mom