Friday, May 8, 2009

Two HUGE reasons to live by family!

1. They can stand in line for you EARLY in the A.M. -This morning while my husband would have been getting ready for and then off to work, Jayme was in line at ULTA for the grand opening where the first 100 people got gift certificates from $5-$100. It opened at 9. By 8:30 Laney, Baylee and I were out the door to get in line with Jayme. I got $80 worth of goods for $40!

2. They can go somewhere for you when you don't have the time. -While Jayme and I are getting steals at ULTA my mom had the two boys and headed out to Stockton to get the Willowtree Christmas story for me at the Gottschalks going out of business sale...Reg $99 SALE $50

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Sassy Sarah said...

That's awesome! Living by family is definitely a plus!