Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Standing tall for FHE!

For family home evening we made stilts... it really didn;t amtter what we nmade as long as we worked together as a family since the lesson was about FAMILY! Yay! Even daddy liked trying them out and he was also super glad we finally used the empty cans I had been saving for this very activity!


Steve and Janis said...

Super Cute!!! I remember making those with the kids. How fun! Loving Asher styling hair do in the kitchen pic. Great job guys!


Denisse said...

That is SUCH a cute idea!!!! What a fun FHE!!! It looks like everyone had a great time! We'll just have to do that for one of our FHE's!

it's just lisa said...

fun idea

i was just looking though your posts- great pics!

Rachel said...

cute matching smiles on Baylee and Adam :)

Melissa said...

What fun! Great FHE idea. I need to think of more fun things for our FHE.