Saturday, July 18, 2009

Laney is "outta here"!

I know I know, you are thinking how could you not want to sleep six inches from that sweet little bundle of cuteness? Well, this little Laney is a TALKER, and at 6 in the morning its not that me! This morning Adam got up to go golfing and I was left in our room with Little Laney jabbering away and laughing highpitched scream laughs. I just couldn't take it and went out to sleep on the couch til 9:15am! So her crib is getting put up TODAY! (in Baylee's room! hahaha)


Rachel said...

she is so cute. I had Audrey with us for 6 months and I was almost dead by the time WE MOVED out. she has the master bdrm and we have the guest room because I couldn't bring myself to disassemble that crib one more time.

Anonymous said...

AAAWW! Look at those little curls above her ears!! The excitement is only beginning!! How could you banish her from your side??? Bring her here, she can sleep with MeeMa!! Love, MeeMa