Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sun + Kids = Waterpark

The above equation seems to be a constant for many of the families that I know, however it isn't true for ours. My kids don't really enjoy our cute little FREE waterpark here. As you can see they aren't even wet in the pics! And the water runs 15 minutes then shuts off so I told Asher to tun over and push the button, Baylee beat him to it, hence the FIT! Now THAT is a CONSTANT in our home!


Steve and Janis said...

Cute, cute. Look how tall Baylee seems to be getting!! Maybe one of these days they'll surprise you and enjoy the water. Love, Janis

The Thompson Family said...

I love summer babies and kids! Yours are so cute! I love Baylee's little whispy hair she is getting. They grow so fast!