Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Revolution

The ride at Great America formerly known as The Revolution used to be my FAVORITE ride there! I would go over and over because there were no lines due to the super tight harnesses and loud screams coming from the people on the ride, but I LOVED IT, and STILL DO! Here is Cam and I, we rode it twice while the kids and my mom were at the Dora show. Do not try this at home! Cam lost about $1 in coins!

Oh and her are each of my three kids with mommy at the beach!


Adam said...

Love the pics! Glad you are had a ton of fun there!.....but even more glad to see you tomorrow!!!
Love ya

Steve and Janis said...

Beautiful pics of you and the kids! Glad Cameron didn't lose his camera too. Love, Janis

Melissa said...

I love these pics of you and your kiddos! Sounds like a very busy, but fun trip. Enjoy your trip to Vegas!