Sunday, August 30, 2009

Temple size bummer!

So on the Monday after I got home from California I realized what date it was and thought to myself, I better go get temple/wheat pics before harvest, so Tuesday morning I got the kids all ready for pics and grabbed my sister to help me out. I had just taken the twin babies' pics the day before and had my camera set for the lighting during that shoot. Forgetting that my settings were ideal for indoors and not out, Jayme got all the great shots of the kids smiling but they were over exposed. I tried editing them but this is the best I got. I was just sick about it by 1pm and so I packed everyone up again to try another round of shots by the temple. In just the few hours we were gone, the wheat directly in front of the temple was already harvested and we had to drive further up the hill, but we managed to get better shots of the kids, just not necessarily in good moods. Oh well, there is a always next year.


it's just lisa said...

I like them both:) My kids haven't had real pictures taken since Nov 2007. SO good on ya.

Anonymous said...

AAAWW! I love these... cute, cute, cute! Missing them tons.. Love, MeeMa

Sassy Sarah said...

I think the pictures you ended up getting still look great! I miss seeing that field out my window everyday! I was always so sad every year when they cut it down.