Saturday, August 8, 2009

We love our DADDY!

Jayme and Jense moved to Rexburg last Friday and my mom helped her drive the kids and I hitched a ride to Cali with my mom when she went back Wednesday. So we are here, and we miss Adam soooo much! Although I know he is living the life with no crazy kids, other peoples' wives cooking for him, a night out with the guys to G.I. JOE, and two late nights of SYTYCD finales, but I called him today and he listed all the things he has been getting done around the house. I didn't leave him a TO DO list, but if I had he'd probably be close to being done with it and I've only been gone three days! We love you, DADDY! And the kids would like to add one thing to that invisible list... stain the playset por favor!


Adam said...

You are funny babe! And thanks so much for the post!
I love and miss ya tons!

Melissa said...

How sweet! When do you get back?

Rachel said...

adorable. your little Laney is getting so big. She's darling. (as are your other two of course!!)