Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Asher's birth DAY at Riot Zone!

Asher's actual birth DAY was sooo much fun. He asked to go to McDonald's for lunch and then we thought he'd like to go race cars! We had been talking about racing cars for a while so when the day finally arrived he was ecstatic. We didn't realize when we got there that the kiddie carts were only age 4 and up, but when that gate opened and the kids ran into claim their cars nobody checked ages, but when the guy said go you could tell the 3 yr old boys weren't quite getting it. They were stop and go, slamming into each turn and Jense kept going into the pit with all the cars that weren't being driven. We could tell the guy who had to run out over and over to straighten kids out or remind them how to push the pedal was getting a little frustrated, but it was a great ab workout for me! By the fourth time around the boys totally got it and so we let them go again! and Baylee went a few times while dady took Asher on the Big cars.

Happy Birthday, AShEr!!!

I could not believe Baylee wanted to climb the wall when we walked up to it, and she zipped up the kiddie was so fast they let her try the adult one and she shot right up. I was so proud of her, it was so high!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures!!! Looks like everyone had a blast, especially Asher!! Love, MeeMa