Friday, September 11, 2009

Kane Ohana Reunion - Las Vegas

Almost as soon as the kids and I rolled back into Rexburg Laney and I were off again, but this time Adam came too! We were on our way to Las Vegas for a family reunion for Adam's Dad's Hawaiian family. We had so much fun... and I think Adam and I especially had fun because we only had one child! We were able to do so much.

Here are all the cousins ( not the entire fam but everyone that made it to the reunion)

Laney was the youngest cousin there. The black shirts are the siblings, white shirts are all the cousins (Adam's dad's cousins) green shirts are all the kids of the cousins (so Adam and I), and purple shirts are our kids (Laney).

Adama and I put Laney to bed with Gramma "owies" Alouise and headed to the Cirque du Soliel Beatles Love show which was AWESOME!

One of the days we were there it got up to 113 degrees so we swam at the golden nugget which had this awesome pool with a huge aquarium right in the center!


Anonymous said...

What great pictures! Fun time! Wish I could have watched the kids for you, but now you got Aunt Mimi (Jayme). Dang! Love, Mom

Sare said...

We saw that Beatles LOVE show too a few years ago- SO cool, eh? We saw the late night show and then were stupid enough to try to drive back to Grandma's house in St. George at like 2am. Stupid newlywed decision... but the show was good... :)