Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hog lovers welcome!

My dad had a few too many trailers to tow back from Alaska so he sent the Harley down with a friend. It was here at our house for about a week before he got here so we decided to snap a few shots with it. The kids love that motorcycle and thought the outfits I picked for them were SO COOL! Thank you to Auntie Cassie for the AWESOME leather jacket! Asher gets so many comments on it! When my dad finally saw the photos he reminded us that all the chrome was on the other side of the bike. Dang it...we totally forgot to make sure we took the pic from the other side..oh well, turning a majorly heavy bike around on the backdrop in the garage would have been a huge task. (Don't look too close or you'll see the reflection of the chrome all the CRAP in my garage.)


Anonymous said...

Your Welcome! :-)

-Auntie Cassie

Melissa said...

These pics are so cool! Your kids are naturals at this.

The Jorgensen's said...

Eric has a Harley and the new Harley Dealership in Orem is really close to our hosue, so he takes Megan there quite often. She LOVES motorcylces and gets sad when she can't ride with Daddy because she's too little.