Thursday, October 8, 2009

Secrets Revealed

Okay so I got a few comments about my last post regarding hair gel and clothes for the kids. So here are my secrets.

Baylee's jeans are 4t children's place that I bought when she was 2 because the store miss marked the price... the tag said $2.99 and all the rest of the jeans said $12.99. Oops for them yay for me. Asher's jeans are Target but I bought two pair 2t and 3t when he was 2 because they fit him so good around the waist without cinching them up with those dumb buttons that make my kids look like they have thunder hips. Gotta buy when you find something that works, plus they were only $7.99. Baylee's shirt is a 3t Old navy dress but it was on clearance for $2.99 so its a shirt for a 4 yr old. Asher's shirt was also Old Navy Clearance... last yrs style, but got two one blue and one orange. Baylee and Asher's shoes are $4.99 family dollar shoes. I find that with white shoes I may as well go cheap and replace more often because they get dirty so fast. Instead of paying $10 for one pair I get two pair for the same price and when one pair is super dirty we start over.Asher's hair gel is imported baby hair gel form Mexico (thanks to Adam's parents for snagging some before I ran out from the last time we were there.) Its so hard to find good long lasting baby hair gel int the U.S. Okay so I think I answered all questions. Those are my shopping secrets.

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Emma and Dan said...

I love using too small dresses as shirts paired with jeans! The kids look super cute.