Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baylee the rock chic!

I was at a couple craft fairs this last week and I got this adorable beanie from a lady who will be making me many many more! And I ran into my friend Heather who has started a little clothing company for kids. The ? shirt is from her line. I offered to take some pics of kids in her clothes and so there will be more to post from that shoot! She makes those bracelets too...I LOVE it!


Anonymous said...

O my. How old is she? 12? It's so sad they have to grow up so fast. When she is 12, you will so miss the days that she was young and innocent..Good luck with Bayleeboo!! She's got mischief written all over her..

Steve and Janis said...

I was thinking the same thing - my she is growing up fast!! Aaron can make those beanies for you. He's the king of beanie making. Love, Grandma