Monday, February 22, 2010

My Laney is One!!!!

I can't believe how time flies and how big she is! It seems like just yesterday we were still bathing her in the sink and now she takes baths with the big kids! She loves playing peek a boo and she doesn't really laugh too much but when she does its so contageous! What we lack in laughs she totally makes up in smiles. She never stops smiling! She just started waving bye bye and when she finds something laying around (blanket, scarf, sock, t-shirt or even some random piece of string) she swings it over her as if it were a necklace! She loves necklaces. I cannot believe how incredibly smart she is! Yesterday she had a banana in her hand and was walking around with it. She came over to the front door and watched me put Asher's shoes on, when I noticed she didn't have the banana I asked, "Laney, where's your nana? Did you eat it all? Where did your nana go?" Just then she turned around and headed back down the hall, I caught up with her as she walked into Baylee's room and sure enough she walked right over to the little pink chair, picked up the nana and showed it to me! I love this age!


Ludwig Family Randomness said...

she is too cute! The pictures are fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Bring her home so I can love her cute lil chubby bum!!! Love, MeeMa

Jake said...

This is Kate... Not Jake.... haha

SO Adorable! Dang, they are growing to fast! I can't believe it has been a year! I swear I had like 25 friends that had babies in 2009 before June, and now they are all turning one!! Laney Lou, is so stinkin cute. Love the cake pictures, and the leg warmers. Can't help but want to pinch that little cutey bum tho.... =)


Melissa said...

Laney is such a doll! Always looks so cute in her pictures and such a sweet little girl.

Jessica said...