Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby Update: 37 weeks

I feel like there isn't much to update everyone about, besides my pregnancy woes like how I wake up every couple hours at night and have to walk off the achiness, my heartburn is a nightmare, my clothes don't fit, etc etc. WAH WAH WAH!
On a happier note: my kids only drive me nutso about twice a week lately, maybe they are giving me a break. We are trying to get Baylee's birthday planned and carried out before baby comes so she doesn't get forgotten. We have a camp director called and ready to serve. Adam is taking a couple days off this week just for fun. Laney keeps me super entertained with all the new words and phrases she is learning. Asher still bounces off the walls... ALL the time. All three love to sit by me and feel the baby kick... which is a lot! Guess I shouldn't be expecting a calm child when I already have three crazy ones.
Tomorrow I will officially be 37 weeks and my guess is I'm probably a 1 or 2. With all three of my kids I haven't been a 4 til 38 weeks. I am back and forth as to whether or not I am ready to have this baby... my to do list is far from being done, but I assure you there are some pretty dumb things on it that are just there so they even get remembered that they are unfinished. (like repainting my baseboards and cleaning the garage - not going to happen while snow is still falling.) On the other hand, I am so excited for my three day hospital/spa getaway, where the nurses will be at my beck and call and the kids will be not be my responsibility, and I will be able to just relax and hold our new addition. Maybe its the anticipation of said "three days" that is making time stand still.


Robyn said...

Can't wait!!!

Emma and Dan said...

I love the Christmas lights pictures below and the pictures of you with each kid. I can't wait to see what Serrano baby #4 looks like!