Thursday, March 15, 2012

January 11, 2012

Poor Andi!

The kids got these block toys for Christmas which are AWESOME! But they have these small holes in them that baby's fingers can fit into. Today as I was putting Andi down for a nap I noticed she was holding a block in her hand. I just figured since it wouldn't fit in her mouth I just let her hold it and put her in her bed. Three hours later when she woke up I was amazed that she was still clinching the block. Then as I went to pull it away it wouldn't budge. Totally stuck on her thumb. Which I was super glad was not purple or totally swollen. I had my brother in law Pete cut the block off with pliers. The block wasn't hurting her, but she was super scared of the pliers. Oooops!

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Robyn said...

Poor Baby!!! I need to snuggle with her!!