Friday, March 16, 2012

January 16, 2012

Unfinished Business
I am calling this post unfinished business because my business has been weighing on my mind lately. It's as if my business is taking off without me. When I started my business I thought it would slowly build and I'd still find time to take pics of my kids, keep up my family and photo blogs, update my website as often as needed as well as keep my studio current with what is popular.
BUT instead I am hit with wave after wave of clients and can't seem to find my footing long enough to get caught up. Sometimes it makes me feel good to know I'm liked and needed, but sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on my kids.
Oh what to do? (sigh)
In the meantime I better start booking appointments with myself for my kids.

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Robyn said...

Would love to get a copy of this picture of Jace..