Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend of Fun -Saturday

The fun started when Dad rolled into Rexburg in his pimped out van full of surprises... a huge toolbox for Adam, play doh for the kids, and a front loading LG washer for me. Yay!!! After JB's for breakfast on Saturday Adam and Dad spent all day replacing the water pump and radiator on my jeep. I took it in a couple months ago and the to have that all done at a shop here in town was going to cost me $1800.. What the? After all the work was done Baylee and Asher finally got to play with "Dampa". We decided to hit up the Harris' Pumkin Carving Party. We had a blast. Baylee won the Mummy look-a-like contest and our pumpkin turned out fabulous. We had so much fun with that pumpkin that we went home and carved another.

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Rachel said...

looks like fun. I love your scrap book pages on the computer. do you make them on paper and scan or make on the comp??