Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend of Fun -Sunday

On Sunday "Dampa" and Baylee played princesses all morning and then around noon Baylee, Dad and I headed to Salt Lake to catch his flight that left at 5:05. We ran into Greg Vansteenkiste in Idaho Falls and stopped to see his new RV Park. So cute... we reserved a cabin and a campground for Independence Day next year. We realized we needed to get back on the road at 2:15... uh oh. We set the cruise control at 84 and prayed! As we passed the bountiful temple it was 4:45. We booked it to the airport said a quick good bye at 5:00. Then Baylee and I headed for the park and wait cuz the next flight wasn't til 9pm. I got a call from dad huffing and puffing at 5:14...,"I'm at the end of the line of people still loading the plane." Wow... I'm at a loss. Baylee and I drove to Kim and Chad's in Lehi to see their new addition... a lab pointer mix named Shay. SOOOOOO CUTE! And here's the pics to prove it.

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