Sunday, December 30, 2007


Adam flew in Friday night and Saturday morning we drove up to Tahoe.

Adam and I boarded Northstar... our first time boarding together...EVER. And it was my first time getting back on the horse since before my mission. We had a blast!

We also had fun sleddign with the kids.

Even Asher liked it, and he usually doesn't maybe cuz the temperature difference between Idaho and California.

He loved the sledding.

Baylee loved the sleddign AND the snow.

She even got to help Gramma build the first snowman of the winter.

My new BoArDiNg BuDdY and mE.

All of us on the mountain.

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Rachel said...

such a cute family!! are you still in CA? we just got back from UT. If you're going to be up my way and have some time let me know. I know Christmas break is usually packed with stuff so just let me know if you have time while you're here.