Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Highlights from a Neverending Christmas!

Well the paper and ribbons began to fly when we kicked off the Christmas festivities with Adam's parents, brother, and sister on the 22nd.
Here is Cassie and Baylee showing off her Princess blankie.

Baylee and Asher quickly got the hang of opening gifs.

Our second Christmas was on the 23rd, we drove to San Francisco to spend some time with Adam's gramma, aunts, uncle, and cousins.

Hi Gianna!!!!

Christmas Eve (our 3rd Christmas) we had a huge dinner with my mom, aunt Sue, Julieann, Grandpa Gil, Drew, Aimi and Kazuma.

Baylee was getting so good at opening gifts she helped everyone else with theirs.

Asher just played with all the opened gifts...I gues he felt that the opening part was over-rated.

Baylee and Grandpa put fake earrings ...EVERYWHERE.

Asher was our most favorite gift this Christmas...j/k.

Christmas morning (4th...still counting?)we took our traditional "STAIRS" pic. Mom and Dad used to make us sit on the stairs and get a pic before we could peek around the corner at the gifts under the tree...torture.

More presents Christmas morning. Including all our pjs, aren't they cute? Mine were Highschool Musical this year...tee hee.

More presents.

And Aimi (from Japan lives with my mom) had her boyfriend, Kazuma her for Christmas... the kids loved them and we totally enjoyed being around them.

Christmas after noon we headed over to my dad's for another huge dinner with everyone! (yup that's 5.)

Baylee made out like a bandit...uh I mean Princess... yeah a princess bandit.
Mia and Teresa were there to help the Princess with her stuff. Hi guys!

Here is everyone, I could name them all but posting a pic was easier.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas... ours finally ended when we opened our gifts we left at home when we got back on the 28th. Whew! Well, can't wait to do it all again next year.


DanandEmma said...

I really, really, really wish that it would have worked out for us to get together during this trip, but I am excited that you get to go to the temple open house. It looks like you had a great Christmas (or should I say: Christmases). We'll get together the next time we're out west...

Plonnie said...

WOW! looks like the kids had their fill for sure!! what great fun and memories that will last forever!!

Mariah said...

Brianne-- I remember that famous "STAIRS" picture. I agree, pure torture!! :) I check your blog often. You look like such a dedicated Mom and Wife. (I always knew you would be). You also take Amazing pictures! Keep up the good work!!