Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Adam v. the sprinklers

Well, I have decided that next time we buy a house we will buy one already landscaped. During the summer of '06 we trenched our yard and Adam laid pipes, but didn't get any valves started so we decided to go ahead and get sod put in our front yard (Sept '06) so it wouldn't be such an eye sore, and no more weeding, the sacrifice was watering by hand...no biggie. Then in the spring of '07 our basement flooded a little because our trenches were guiding the water right into our window wells. Start of summer '07 Adam finished the valve boxes and we went ahead and put sod in the backyard (Aug '07). Then one day in late Oct '07 I was headed out to run errands when there was a geyser in my front yard. It was such a warm October that we kept watering randomly so we didn't turn the water off and our cap froze and burst. Oh well we turned the water off and didn't worry about it till this Saturday. Adam found a leak in the front valve box and took it all apart and started over with all new parts, Asher helped. He spent hours out there and finally tested it out to find.... a different leak. Crap...guess we'll give in and pay someone else do it... however another weird thing about putting in sod at two different times is our lawn is two toned. Its hilarious. But only where the '06 and '07 grass touches can you see the difference in color. Sorry Babe, nice try.


Steve and Janis said...

Good job Adam! Hey, you learn from mistakes ... and even a pro can spring a few leaks. Your yard is looking great and it will only get better. Have fun! Love, Mom

Harris Family said...

Bummer! You guys and sprinklers! I love Asher's haircut he looks all grown up. And this picture of him helping is SOOOO adorable! Have fun and go to gandolfos and eat a bridge hampton with no tomato for me! Thanks!