Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Asher got a big boy haircut...by accident.

Asher's hair was getting so long it started getting in his eyes and he hated it so I decided to just trim the front and the back. So I did, and then I realized I had trimmed all the layers so I had to make new ones. I guess i got a little carried away... I finally stopped when I realized I could see his ears. Asher has always had haircuts where you couldn't see his ears. He even had long hair that pretty much covered his ears when he was born...he looks so grown up. To see before pics scroll down. Big difference eh? I loved that little surfer cut. But he'll grow it back quickly. And hopefully this new cut will allow him to overcome the white forehead syndrome.


Steve and Janis said...

What a cutie! I love the new look. He is such a handsome grandson ... I'm not biased, am I? Great job Brianne. Love, Mom/Janis

Susan said...

he is adorable

Emma and Dan said...

I like the new cut. He looks like a mini Adam now. You always do such a good job on the kids' hair.