Saturday, June 14, 2008

Baylee walks into a bar....OUCH!

Well, where do I start. Baylee just had a terrible day. First off, she spilt her entire brand new fully loaded frosty from Wendy's ALL over thee back seat of my car. We were headed to Idaho Falls so the nearest gas station had to do for cleanup. I even had to rinse out her outfit, so she was semi damp the rest of the day. Then onto TJ Maxx. While Adam was in the fitting room I cruised the aisles with Asher in the cart and Baylee next to me walking under the rack. She likes to hide in the clothes...sound familiar? Well after a few minutes I hear a huge BONG! Then Baylee parts the dresses and starts screaming. I just side hugged her and rubbed her forehead thinking she just banged her head. I took a second look down to see blood dripping down her arm and onto the floor. She had her hand over her nose and mouth. She pulled her hand away and there was no blood. Then I saw the horror. She opened her mouth to wail again, and it was full and started dripping down her chin. Okay, don't panic, don't touch the clothes we'll have to pay for them, don't get anymore blood on any clothes we are wearing, okay Baylee you have to swallow. Poor thing. I told her to keep her mouth closed as we headed to the restroom. Again, I had to rinse out her clothes and let her wear damp clothes a second time. She split her lip from the tip to her gums. So sad, but after about an hour, she was fine and to my dismay even wanted to eat popcorn with an open wound. What a trooper.

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Steve and Janis said...

Ouch!! Wow, sounds like quite a day! Even with a fat lip Baylee is as beautiful as ever!! Glad you all survived. Love, Janis