Thursday, June 19, 2008

My beef with ELLEN...

Normally I'm not the type to start a boycott, petition signing, picket line etc. But I feel very strongly about Ellen's recent behavior on her show. As you all may know I was an avid Ellen viewer...the key word here is WAS. Because the presidential candidates are getting so much publicity Ellen decided to feature each on her show and let them speak their views. She greeted Hilary with love and laughs and thanked her for her "gay marriage" support, Obama was also treated kindly and respectfully, then it was McCain's turn, and I'm not saying that I'm a huge fan or even a supporter, but she handled him on the show very poorly. First of all she put him on the spot, awkwardly I might add, and asked his views on gay marriage. His response was very kind and he mentioned that he feels that marriage should be between and man and woman, but ended with a simple, its okay for the two of us to agree to disagree on the subject... seems like a pretty fair answer right? Well Ellen didn't think so and started reaming him out about how gay marriage is just a step forward for humanity just like women's rights and African American rights. And I'm not saying she's a bad person and all gays are bad, all I'm saying is that it is fine for her to have her views and him to have his and she surely did not need to get on a soap box about it. So I was about to let the whole thing slide until she started going off about it daily...So I just don't watch anymore, plus every episode is about her upcoming wedding anyway. I hope she notices that she has one less viewer, doubt it, but I sure fell better.
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Beth said...

I saw that Ellen (and I think it was the last Ellen I watched, though not on purpose, really). I thought McCain did a good job of not backing down from his opinion while letting Ellen have hers. Her little speech was a chance for him to give HIS reasoning, but he knew that given the venue he wasn't going to win any battles, so he graciously, civilly bowed out without backing down. I thought he rocked.

And, since it's Ellen's show, I figure she can feel free to get a little soapboxy for a moment ... but yeah, is Ellen STILL beating on McCain?? 'Cause I don't see what she has to be upset about. He doesn't agree. She can't make him agree. He didn't seem to be a jerk about it; quite the opposite!