Thursday, July 17, 2008

My poor baby...

Well, Asher had a follow up appointment with Dr. Mills this morning. So we go in and Dr. Mills casually takes off the soft cast and throws it away informing me that all Asher needs now is to have his fingers taped to each other to prevent any from getting caught and spreading the fingers which would do damage to the healing bone. All I'm thinking is..."are you crazy? You have no idea how wild my son is...tape? That it?" So I feel a little reassured when he tells me its healing well and on schedule...then it all went out the window when I saw the dang x-ray...and he points out that it hasn't changed much from the time it happened, but nothing has I'm thinking.."What the ????? It looks the looks horrible, the bone looks sliced down the middle...can we get a new cast or should I dig that old stinky one out of the garbage." I cannot believe how down played this whole hand thing has been...poor kid. If you saw what I saw you'd put the kid on bed rest with a huge cast on his hand hanging from the ceiling.
This isn't Asher's hand but just imagine if that entire chunk on his forefinger/hand bone was cracked right down the middle. OUCH!

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