Monday, August 11, 2008

Someone got a new car....!!!!

Since Brianne just left for California with the kids and my parents....I figured someone has to keep up the family blog, right!.....and it's a good thing Brianne told me what her password was too! Well we have had the goal for quite a while now to go as long as we can without having to get a car loan for any of our cars......wellllllllll.....after my latest promotion I kind of gave in and decided to get something that would be a little more fun driving to work and back every day! After lots of research and price shopping I decided to go with the Mazda 3 S! It has an auto transmission with the cool tiptronic feature (allowing you to manually shift), the back seats are actually roomy in case all of us take a long road trip and don't want to go in the Jeep, there is tons of room in the back for storage, not to mention it's way fun with the 2.3 L engine!! I do have to give a big thanks to Brianne for allowing me to get a nicer car!....I think it's cause of how bad she didn't like driving my accord the last time she needed to and felt kind of bad for me! So thanks darlin!


Brianne said...

Glad you like the new car, babe, Merry Christmas/ Happy Birthday/Anniversary!And I think I may be covered for a few more hoidays after that. Love your wonderful wifey!

reduceyourmortgage said...

Nice car! You'll have to Cassie about the Mazda you just bought.

Love, Mom