Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tribute to Brianne!!!

Okay babe, first of all please don't be too mad at me for using this pic!!!....and no, you are not allowed to delete this post or change the pic once you realize that I have put this on here while you are in California!!Anyway.....I just wanted to let EVERYONE know what a special wife I have! Brianne has been soooo busy over this last month or so, I just don't know how she does it!!! Shortly after becoming Young Women's president she had to go on a week long yw camp in an area that was INFESTED with mosquitos, while pregnant!.....she has also photographed 3 weddings and some senior pics within like a week and a half's time, not to mention fun and exhausting visits from her dad and sister, followed by visits from my family!.....oh but that's not all....to wrap it up Brianne just got done with another 3 day youth conference campout in the pouring rain only to find out during the campout that she was to give a talk in sacrament on "accepting and fulfilling callings" the day after she got back from camp, which was also the very same day she was to pack for her 2 week trip to California, prepare her young women's lesson, spend some quality time with her strappingly handsome husband before her trip, and did I mention enjoy some REST!!!!! To sum it all up.......babe, you are amazing and do SOOOO much for me, the kids, and the church and I feel like the luckiest man on earth to be your "other half" and best friend for eternity!!!.....and I'll make sure you get some rest when you get back home!!!



OH MY! Brianne I couldn't do all those things even if I was given a year to do it. You are a motivated lady. It sounds like you've got a great husband too. Have fun in California. (What are you doing there?). Must blog about it when you get home, since you don't have much to do anyway.

Denisse said...

That is the sweetest post!!! :) I am getting teary eyed!!! What a cute couple you two are!!!:)