Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Week with Grandma and Grandpa!!

After mine and the kid's weekend in Utah, I left for home Sunday afternoon and left the kids with Grandma and Grandpa to stay 3 more days down in Highland at Great Grandma's house! Not only did they have a blast down there together, but Brianne and I got to have a few fun nights out on the town with the kids gone, which I had been really looking forward to!!! Our first night, we went out to dinner at Applebees and then went to see the new Batman movie which was sweet! The next night after work we went out to dinner at Amici's, a new Italian restaurant here, and then hit up another movie called Get Smart with Steve Carrell which was pretty good! Then the following night mom and dad and the kids came and stayed for the rest of the week babysitting the kids here while I worked and Brianne had her 3 day youth conference camp. We had a lot of fun hanging out and the kids had a blast with Grandma and Grandpa!!! And Daddy was extremely excited for all the help Grandpa did with the lawn care, fixing the leaks in the sprinkler manifold, and hooking up the sprinkler timer!!!!

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