Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Go Jeff Go!!!!!!"

On Fri, Aug 1st, the kids and I took off to Utah to meet my parents and brother Aaron at my Grandma Alouise's house so that the next morning we could wake up bright and early to head over to the Larry Miller raceway in Tooele to watch my cousin Jeff, from California, who races in the Pacific F2000 series! Jeff has been dominating this year and is currently #1 on the points list for the season with only 1 more race left after Tooele, in Vegas!!Aaron, Jeff, MeThe stud himself (occasionally referred to as "Beckham")This weekend Jeff took first place on Friday and then backed it up with another first place on Saturday! We had a blast watching him, especially Baylee, who had her eyes locked on Jeff's car as best as she could and each time he would fly by us in front of the grand stands she would yell out, "GO JEFF GO JEFF WOO HOOOOOOO!!! What a stud! It was a blast getting to see Auntie Pam, Mike, Jeff, and Gianna again and are hoping to be able to do it again next year!! After the race we headed back to Great Grandma Alouise's house again for the rest of the weekend!

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Great job blogging Adam! I'm having fun reading them. Keep up the good work. Love, Mom