Monday, September 15, 2008

Baylee loves to see the temple...

Every time we pull out of our driveway Baylee gets a great view out her window of the temple. And every time she sees it she either begins singing the "temple song", states that she needs to go inside, or she needs to go get married. I just laugh every time the "married" subject comes up because she sure does have funny things to say...
The other night we headed out to Taco Bell for dinner:
Baylee: Mom, there's the temple...I need to get married.
Mommy: Oh? Right now? Who are you going to marry?
Daddy: How about we don't talk about this for atleast 15 more years?
Mommy: Well let's just see what she has to say...
Baylee: I'm going to marry Asher.
Mommy: Oh, well you can't marry Asher, but when you get bigger you'll find the person you are going to marry. (trying to change the "who" subject) What is your dress going to look like?
Baylee: White.
Mommy: And what color flowers are you going to have?
Baylee: Red roses, like you. (By this time I am cracking up because my daughter has innately become a bontanist, I have never talked to her about the type of flowers I had at my wedding hence the "what color" question.)
Mommy: Can I come to your wedding?
Baylee: Yes.
Mommy: Can Daddy come too?
Baylee: Yes, and Asher and Cam. (and this answer amazes me because Cam has been serving a mission in South Africa for 2 years, and the last time she saw him she was 18 months old)


Sare said...

So cute! It's good to have goal like that at such a young age! (Hope Mom & Dad have started SAVING for this wedding...)

Anonymous said...

That is my favorite thing about your house, (besides the grandbabies inside), is the view of the temple just outside your bedroom window... I wish I was as fortunate to have such a beautiful view...Love, MeeMa

Denisse said...

I had a huge smile on my face as I read this post!!!! What a cute little girl!!!! Since we moved here Brielle is always asking me where the temple went, she would also always sing "I love to see the temple" and was always sure to remind us how beautiful the temple was!!! Your post made me miss Rexburg!!!!!! :)

Plonnie said...

she is adorable!! i need to see you!!!!!

checking your blog to see what you're having. post it post it post it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lv you brianne!!