Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thursday is the BIG day

Well, I missed my ultrasound appointment while I was in California, and when I cancelled the lady told me I could go ahead and reschedule when I got back to Idaho, so on September 2nd during my monthly check up I was told that the ultrasound technician was booked until October. My 22nd week is up the 26th of September so I've been waiting around for a cancellation. And finally someone canceled. So we will be finding out what the baby is on Thursday the 18th!!!!!


Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! Can't wait!!! Have Baylee call me! Love, Excited MeeMa

Plonnie said...

i canNOT wait!! you'd better make a post RIGHT AFTER! so take your laptop.


love you brianne... so excited!


so fun! i loved finding out the gender of my babies. I feel like you can really bond with the baby after you find out the gender... give the baby a name... and feel it kicking. So happy for you Brianne. I wish we lived closer and could hang out. Best of luck with your pregnancy.