Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here's hoping blogging goes better for me in 2011!

So much has happened since I last really totally posted so I'm going to have to make those two years a book without blogging it first and skip right into twenty eleven... We started the year with a drive home from California after: Christmas with my Mom and Dad, my little brother's temple sealing, and New Year's with Adam's family in Auburn. We haven't had many comings and goings since we've been back because of our Rexburg January weather with the temps being below zero or just barely reaching single digits. Our family's big news is that we will have another baby in March and we are ALL so excited! The kids are as crazy as ever and their mouths are even busier. All three sing constantly and in tune, I might add. I'm amazed at Asher's ability to pick up tunes and tones with ridiculous ease.

Baylee: We moved Baylee downstairs to a large room that she chose to paint hot pink. We are still working on the little details of it like the chandelier and other wall hangings, but she likes having her own space. She loves princesses and has come to me recently to teach her to braid and put pony tail holders in her hair. If I let her, she would do her own hair for Kindergarten everyday. To be honest she does a pretty good job. She asked Santa for a straightener and loves it and the crimper that came with it. She didn't enjoy t-ball or soccer last year and continues to bug me about putting her in ballet. I am currently ballet school shopping. She is obsessed with growing out her hair to be like Repunzel's and loves to dress up in sparkly clothes, put on make-up and would like to get her ears pierced. I on the other hand didn't wear a ton of make up, NEVER wore earrings, and hated wearing dresses.

Asher: What can I say, he will be totally outnumbered!I do love that he is so snuggly and cuddly still even though he's four, don't get me wrong, he still punches and kicks things, but he is fully aware that aggression is to be taken out on objects and not people. He is quick to apologize AND share. He is the best sharer (if that's even a word) I know. He loves trains still and recieved a Leapfrog Explorer for Christmas which he loves. Since Baylee has started Kindergarten and brings homework home, Asher has learned to sit at the table and write his name and some numbers. He will not even be starting Kindergarten til September 2012. He has so much energy and is very coordinated that I really should get him into gymnastics.

Laney: I can't believe she is already two. She's my baby, although she does not let us treat her like one. She wishes she could sit in a chair and not a booster at the table, she tries so hard to keep up with whatever Asher and Baylee are doing, and she talks ALL the time. Some of her sounds are a little off, but as long as we get the jist, it's all good. She says please and thank you, helpee (help me), mine, ook(look) ink (drink), ew, potty, and so many others. Yesterday I put underwear on her to see what would happen and she totally gets it. No accidents. So she may be my quickest potty trainer ever. She is alot like Asher in that she never stops. SHe is constantly jumping, running, scooting, hopping, climbing etc. I am a little worried she may be may have OCD issues. If doors are open she closes them, if she finds a card she will hold it in her hand for hours looking for other cards and just keeps collecting, she loves COLLECTING. She will collect crayons, but not use them to color just to HOLD. She will put necklace after necklace on one by one til they are all on, then take them off one by one just to put them back on one bu one and she will repeat this process multiple times. Same with puzzles. put them together, take them apart, put them back together and so on. She cracks me up.


Robyn said...

I miss them already and again... Love those kids. MeeMa

The Thompson Family said...

Brianne you have such beautiful kids, that Laney on my gosh she is cute. Please let her marry Mack! Um I wish Mack was even the least bit interested in potty training, he is terrified. Excited for your new little girl!!!

Rutt Family said...

Brianne, your kiddos are too cute! Great to read your blog :)
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Denisse said...

Brianne, your kids are seriously beautiful! I've missed your updates! Glad to hear all is well for the Serrano's!!!:)

Sare said...

I for one am looking forward to more frequent updates. I love reading up on your cute family.