Friday, May 6, 2011

Losing my head! (Beware of super long story)

I'm sure you are all under the assumption that I am going crazy with four by the lack of blog posts... and you would be right! I have had to cut back on the amount of projects I am taking on, appointments I have been booking, and trips to the grocery store. So here is a funny/ not so funny story as of late:

I had to go to Idaho Falls for my freezer meal food at Winco and decided to get all of my other Idaho Falls errands done as well. A feat that would take a normal childless person an hour or so. It took me 7 hours. AHHHH! And I was determined to finish every errand. The kids were troopers. They got popcorn at Target and we played at the play place in the mall since they were good at Old Navy. And they got a treat from the gas station on the way home for being amazingly good for me despite the random stops and probably because of all the threats from me that I would leave them in Idaho Falls if they were not good. I got everything done.

We got home and unloaded the car of all the perishables, then took a break to sit down and well just sit down.On Sunday I got everyone ready for Easter Sunday and couldn't find my Old Navy bag with Andi's dress in it. I looked everywhere. I chalked it up to it's somewhere in our house in my random junk piles that need to either go to DI or get thrown out and forgotten. The whole next week I kept looking. $60 worth of Old Navy newborn cuteness LOST! Called mall security.. not there. Ripped my car apart...not there.

For those of you who know me know that I pray about everything. Especially when I lose things which is usually my keys that I most of the time lose in department store shoe boxes still sitting on the department store shelf. Or when my grandma with Alzheimers put them in a bucket in the back of her coat closet. So usually right after I pray the spirit tells me exactly where my lost item is and this time I was told Old Navy. So I call Old Navy and the lady tells me there is no lost bag there with baby clothes in it. So I was super bummed, and decided to call again at the shift change. Called again and the lady says we found a bag but it has a black coat in it and the coat is not from our store. So I hang up and I am so weirded out at this point that I lost a $60 bag of clothes. That night i couldn't sleep thinking about all that money I wasted and where would it have gone, I retraced my steps in my head and remembered that while I was checking out laney handed me her black coat and I put it in the bag. So what do I do? Third call to Old Navy went something like this:
Me: I am calling about a bag I lost and I think you have it.
ON: What is your name?
Me: Brianne Serrano
ON: Didn't you call yesterday? We have your number here and it has not been turned in since you called yesterday.
Me: Yes, but I think the bag you already have is mine. I lost it 2 weeks ago. And I would like to describe to you the little black jacket that is in it.
ON: Okay let me get my manager(manager gets the bag and gets on the phone)
Me: The jacket is a Faded Glory from Walmart with hearts in the front.
ON: yeah this coat has hearts on the front and its Faded Glory
Me: Size 24 months?
ON: Yup
Me: Thats my bag!
ON: But the items you say you purchased from here are not int he bag.
Me: There are no newborn things int he bag?
ON: No
Me: How about pink Capris size 5t or girls XS.. or anything XS that was on clearance. I would have bought clothes for my 6 year old.
ON: There are a couple things in here that size. There is no receipt in the bag.
Me: I have my receipt. Did I leave the bag in the store?
ON: No it was found in the dressing rooms at SEARS. (As I start to remember that I asked Baylee to carry said bag and the kids ran into the dressing rooms at SEARS as I was eye-ing the infant clearance dresses on our way to the car.)
Me: So you think someone took stuff out of my bag?
ON: No we put some of it back out on the floor.
Me: (IN MY HEAD: WHAT THE?) So then I should read to you whats on my receipt so you can put it back.
ON: Well I can look up your receipt... it says here there are about 5 clearance items that I don't know what they are.
Me: Okay then just refund my entire purchase because I bought alot in threes for each of my girls so they would match and if I only get two back then I don't want them completely.
ON: Okay I'll just refund your purchase and you can come get the little black coat when you come back in.

So moral of the story, carry your own bags, and if you Old Navy finds your stuff they will try and resell it to make more money!


Robyn said...

THAT'S HILARIOUS!! Wish I lived closer so I could help!!!

Sare said...

I read the whole story. What a frustrating event! Thank heavens for prayer.... I would have been tearing my hair out if I were you. I'm glad it worked out more or less in the end. :)

Sarah said...

Brianne this is Sarah Farrer (laura's sister) we used to live in your ward.. anyway we live in IF now and if you ever need to drop your kidos off while you shop I would totally watch them! We live near Winco :)